AP Memory demonstrates VHMTM, the true 3D integration of DRAM and Logic

Hsinchu, Aug. 24, 2021/AP Memory Technology Corp (“AP Memory”, TWSE: 6531) announced successful demonstration of Very High-bandwidth Memory (VHMTM), the true 3D integration of DRAM and logic chips. The combined chip shows effective memory bandwidth more than 10 times that of HBM, while having a memory capacity of more than 4GB, which is about 5-10 times the maximum on-die SRAM capacity on 7nm logic technology.


AP Memory provides VHMTM, including customized DRAM design and logic-DRAM VHMTM LInK interface IP, while Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (“Powerchip”, ESB: 6770) provided customized DRAM foundry service. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC, TWSE: 2330) provided logic and 3D stacking foundry services. The name of the customer is Whalechip Co. Ltd., a fabless semiconductor and system solutions provider dedicated to technological innovation.


The semiconductor industry has been progressing from the traditional 2D technology to 2.5D, and eventually to 3D. The 2.5D technology (often loosely referred to as “3D”) involves packaging multiple chips on top of a common silicon interposer, while true 3D technology puts multiple chips directly on top of one another with vertical connections. In 2.5D technology, memory bandwidth is limited by the number of lateral connections that can be made through silicon interposer. In 3D technology, the vertical connections are practically unlimited. As a result, 3D integration of logic and DRAM enables memory bandwidth far beyond what’s possible with 2.5D, while reducing power consumption dramatically.


“3D integration of logic and DRAM is the latest fruits of Powerchip’s AI Memory strategy,” Powerchip said, “This 3D technology enables unprecedented DRAM bandwidth, which is critical to bandwidth hungry applications such as AI, networking, and graphics.”
“AP Memory is excited to partner with industry leaders TSMC and Powerchip to deliver 3D integration of logic and DRAM, to enable unprecedented performance for our customers”, says Chris Liu, Vice President and General Manager of AI Business Unit of AP Memory, “AP Memory’s mission is to provide memory solutions that make our customers more competitive.”


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