AP Memory Octal SPI (OPI) PSRAM available for Renesas RZ/A2M group of MPU

Date: 2019 Feb 22nd
Chubei, Taiwan, 22nd Feb, 2019 – AP Memory Technology Corp (APM, TSE: 6531),a fabless semiconductor company for specialty Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) design and solution, today announced that its Octal Serial Interface (OPI) 64Mbit Pseudo Static Rando Access Memory (PSRAM) solution is available as an OctaRAM compatible PSRAM product for Renesas RZ/A2M group of MPUs. The RZ/A2M delivers high image processing performance for applications employing human-machine interface (HMI) functionality, and the ideal features for applications using cameras.
With the advent of smart applications in IoT, customers respond favorably to devices with constant connectivity, graphical user interfaces and high performance. While the trade-off between high performance and small footprint often baffles the MPU industry, APM’s OPI interface PSRAM is launched to support enhanced function with low-pin-count. It offers data transfers up to 400MB/s (3.2Gbps) utilizing 3-5x fewer signal pins and with a lower price, as an alternative to standard parallel interface PSRAM and Low-Power SDR/DDR DRAM.
The latest generation of Octal Serial Interface 64 Mbit PSRAM was just validated with Renesas RZ/A2M group PUs, as an OctaRAM compatible product and an ideal solution for IoT and wearable devices. For more information on OPI PSRAM or OctaRAM compatible products, please refer to the following product link or contact APM directly.


About AP Memory Technology Corp
AP Memory is a multinational fabless semiconductor company with emphasis on DRAM products. Besides JEDEC standard DRAM for main stream applications, we work with industry leaders on highly innovative, customized memory solutions for mobile, wearable and IoT (Internet of Things) devices which greatly enhance their competitiveness.