Cellular & Connectivity

Connect Everything

AP Memory helps connect the world, from feature phones, modems, to connection between machines. We are in most of the devices that help you connect the world.


We are in most of the devices that help you connect to the world.

Feature Phone

AP Memory's PSRAM revolutionize feature phones as it helps to reduce the cost of the phone and the physical size of the design.

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AP Memory's product help routers to maintain quick and stable performance by acting as buffer RAM for data downloading and data buffering.

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Ruggedized inventory tablet

As purchasing behaviors change, logistic industry takes off. Inventory tablets that use AP Memory’s product can emphasize on its long lasting hours, and smooth, quick internet connection.

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Mobile POS

Ordering in restaurants revolutionizes as internet become more and more popular. Mobile POS that uses AP Memory's IoT RAM can last long hours while expanding system's performance to display high quality graphics and maintain quick and stable internet connections.

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