IP Management

IP Management Plan

We reinforce our technology development and market application in DRAM industry by building up IP management strategy, which enables us to achieve better performance in profit, maximize corporation value, and secure our competition advantage.

Patent Portfolio Management

  We establish patent review, award system, and training course for patent filing to protect our invention and sustain our market leadership among our competitors. We are devoted to developing the patent management strategy, discovering and filing of inventions in relevant fields, and managing benefit and effectiveness of patent. Besides, through patent review system and cooperation with top-ranking law firm, not only can we ensure the quality of our patent, but we also can bring out the energy of innovation and increase the quantity of patent with practice of internal strategies.

Trade Secret Management

  Through internal confidential information management system, staff training, system management, and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we are able to protect our key technology and prevent the disclosure of client’s confidential information to ensure Client’s trust in our technology and sustain competitive advantage of our exclusive technology.

Other IP management

  We protect our trademark, copyright, rights in circuit layouts, and other intangible properties in accordance with our business strategies and demands. Besides, we strengthen our brand layout by closely collaborating with our marketing team members. Meanwhile, through internal audit system and periodical review, we continuously develop the innovation and management of IP rights in a flexible way.



(1) AP Memory regularly reports matters related to intellectual property rights management to the board of directors. The latest report date is December 22, 2023.
(2) As of December 31, 2023, AP Memory has obtained a total of 34 global patents, among which 13 patents were approved in 2023.