Company Concept

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Vision and Mission

AP Memory pursues a high-quality chip design technology and strives to be the world's leading provider of memory solution. We constantly achieve excellence in product quality and make an all-out effort to develop new application fields.

Develop New Application Fields

We concentrate on the potential markets, such as IoT, IoV, edge AI, cloud computing, and etc., For leadership consolidation, we also strengthen our corporate social responsibility and reach sustainable development goals.


Culture and Value


Integrity is the core concept and value of AP Memory, and we firmly believe that sincerity can lead to our success.

We treat all of our work partners with integrity. Insist on presenting the most authentic and honest manner to the society, shareholders, customers, suppliers, and employees. Furthermore, establish mutual trust, mutual understanding, and mutual assistance with them, and develop mutual benefit through cooperation.


Cohesion is the cornerstone of our belief.

For the company, we uphold the corporate culture as a family, encourage employees to cooperate, and share the glory together. The leader leads the team forward by example. For the external, we have also maintained such beliefs, cultivate tacit understanding and trust with business partners, and work together in order to reach corporate goals and create more benefits.


Proactiveness is always an important source of our progress.

Whether it is engaging in emerging industries, positive input to R&D, or maintaining, it is the propulsion of our company's sustainable development. Spontaneous initiative and leave no stone unturned have always been the traits emphasized in our training section. Only by completing the work initiatively and self-improving the quality of the work, we can improve the efficiency and continue to make progress.