Stakeholder Engagement

Materiality Analysis

AP Memory follows the four principles of GRI Standards, which are materiality, stakeholder inclusiveness, sustainability context, and completeness. AP Memory has conducted a four-step analysis to determine material issues.
The purpose of materiality analysis is to identify “material” ESG topics that may be impactful to an organization and its stakeholders.By understanding the background of AP Memory’s operating activities and products, along with continuous evaluation and discussion. AP Memory sets material issue as an important reference for operating strategies and goals.
AP Memory conducted business impact analysis according to the level of concern of stakeholders, formulated administrative policies and short-term goals based on the results of assessment, initiated the first step of sustainable management to meet the expectations of stakeholders.
AP Memory reviews the impact of each material issues, confirms management goal and formulates policies for each issue, which will serve as a reference for sustainable information disclosure boundaries.


Identifying stakeholders

  According to the five aspects of the AA10001SES, assessed by senior executives. AP Memory’s stakeholders have been identified.


Collecting sustainability issues

  To better understand stakeholder’s concerned issue. AP Memory referenced international sustainability regulations and standards, industry benchmark and sustainability trend report, formulated a questionnaire.


Analyzing the significance of the concerned issues

  Questionnaires were distributed to key stakeholders through the responsible department to understand their level of concern for each sustainability issues.


Assessing the significance of impact and verify the material issues

  According to the result of survey, a meeting held by senior executives assessed the intensity and probability of actual and potential impact that operating activities have on environment, society, and governance. After discussion, material issues were confirmed.


Stakeholder Engagement




Our response and practice


AP Memory is a fabless DRAM and IP product company, delivers reliable solutions of low-pin-count ultra-low-power IoT RAM and high-performance derivative products. With total solution of R&D, design, IP licensing, manufacturing and sales, AP Memory seeks to innovate and provide highly competitive products in the market.

 Mails and calls: Daily

 Customer Communication: Non-periodic

 Customer auditing: Non-periodic

 Customer satisfaction survey: Annual

 Quality meeting: Non-periodic

 Develop customized product

 Product quality continues to meet customer standard


Professional and stable talent is the key element to maintain company’s operation and enhance company’s competitiveness. AP Memory provides diverse compensation and benefit packages to meet employee expectations, and enhance the overall contribution of individual employees.

 Labor-Management meeting: Quarterly

 All hands meeting: Quarterly

 General announcement: Non-periodic

 Provide competitive and diverse compensation and benefit packages

 Create a friendly working environment, good labor relations and high employee recognition


Supply chain management and carbon management has become an important trend in the technology industry. AP Memory is a DRAM design house in the upstream of the semiconductor industry chain, which results in the formation of long-term partnerships with professional division of labor with downstream manufacturers in the industry chain. Located in the upstream of the industrial chain, AP Memory seeks to reduce potential social and environmental impacts by close cooperation with suppliers.

 Mails and calls: Daily

 Supplier meeting: Non-periodic

 Supplier auditing: Non-periodic

 Quality meeting: Non-periodic

 Formulate supplier management guidelines

 Production quality tracking and improvement


Responsible investment is gradually being valued, investor’s concern of AP Memory’s sustainability has also gradually increased. Sustainable operation and information transparency are the focus of AP Memory’s development at this stage, continue communication with shareholders and key investors is the key driver of AP Memory’s growth.

 Shareholders’ meeting: Annual

 Financial report: Quarterly

 Investor conference: Quarterly

 Domestic and overseas roadshows: Non-periodic

 Overview of financial result

 Overview of operating result