Board of Directors

Board Diversity

The “Corporate Governance Practice Principles” of the Company sets the composition of the Board of Directors to consider diversification and formulates appropriate diversification policies based on the Company’s operation, operation type, and development needs. The Board of Directors must also have the knowledge, skills, and literacy necessary to perform their duties. Currently, the 8 members of the Board have professional backgrounds and each has expertise in management, decision-making, industrial experience, academy, finance and accounting. The number of independent directors is 4 now.


Members of Board



Main Experience


Mr. Chen, Wen-Liang

   Ph.D., Yale University (Applied Physics)

   CEO, AP Memory Technology Corporation


Mr. Hung, Chih-Hsun

   Ph. D., National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

(Industrial Engineering and Management)

   President, AP Memory Technology Corporation


Mr. Liu, Chin-Hung

(Representative of Shanyi Investment Co.,Ltd)

   M.S., National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (Applied Chemistry)

   Senior Vice President, AP Memory Technology Corporation


Mr. Hsieh, Ming-Lin

(Representative of Li Shun Investment Co.)

   MBA, National Taiwan University

   President, Powerchip Investment Holding Corporation

   Independent Director, iChat Technology, Inc.

Independent Director

Mr. Yeh, Jui-Pin

   M.S., National Central University (Electrical Engineering)

   Director of Board, Mytek Corp.

   Independent Director of the Board, Progate Group Corporation

Independent Director

Mr. Liu, Frank

   M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)

   M.S., Purdue University (Physics)

   Chairman of Chelmsford. International Ltd

   Director of the board of Taiwan Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity Council

Independent Director

Ms. Wang, Hsuan

   Ph.D., National Taiwan University (Accounting)

   Certified Public Accountant

   Certified Internal Auditor

   Assistant Professor of Yuan Ze University

   Independent Director of the Board of Highpoint Service Network Corporation

   Independent Director of the Board of Kian Shen Co., Ltd.

Independent Director

Ms. Sun, Elizabeth

   Ph.D., University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner College of Business

   Honorary Chairperson, Taiwan Investor Relations Institute

   Member, AGGA

   Consultant, MediaTek Inc.


Board Performance Evaluations:

Evaluation Period 

Method of Evaluation

Contents of Evaluation


Evaluate the performance of the Board of Directors and individual directors  Performance evaluation of the Board of Directors and individual directors: Taking into account the evaluation indicators formulated by the competent authority, which can be adjusted in consideration of the actual situation of the Company. The evaluation contents include the degree of participation in the operation of the Company, the improvement of the quality of the Board decisions, the composition and structure of the Board of Directors, the selection and continuation of the directors, internal control and other aspects. 

Note: Already reported to the board of directors on April 7, 2023。