Corporate Governance Officer

Corporate Governance Officer:


The Board of Directors appointed Ms. Hong, Shu-Ling, as the Corporate Governance Officer responsible for corporate governance matters, including handling of matters relating to Board, Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, and Shareholders’ meetings in compliance with the law, assistance in onboarding and continuing education of directors, provision of information required for the performance of duties by directors, and assistance in directors’ compliance of the law, etc.
The duties performed by the Corporate Governance Office in 2021 are as follows: assisted Chairman of Board of Directors and Committees’ Chairs to convene 8 Board Meetings, 5 Audit Committee Meetings, and 2021 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting; assisted onboarding for new elected Independent Director. And provided continuing education information to directors; provided information required for the performance of duties by directors; presented quarterly legal compliance reports to the Board of Directors, and timely responded to all Directors’ requests, etc.


Continuing Education Training of Corporate Governance Officer


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Training/Speech Title



Securities & Futures Institute

Briefing and preparation of ESG disclosure requirements for Corporate Governance 3.0

3 Hours


Accounting Research and Development Foundation

Director of Board, Supervisors and Management oversight of the company’s ESG implementation

3 Hours


Accounting Research and Development Foundation

The latest corporate governance policy and common failings

3 Hours


Accounting Research and Development Foundation

TCFD related financial information disclosure and the Low-Carbon green value model

3 Hours


Financial Supervisory Commission

The 13th Taipei Corporate Governance Forum

6 Hours