Human Rights Management


Human Rights Management Strategy

AP Memory declares clearly the protection of human rights of employees. Employees are not treated unfairly because of their ethnicity, religion, skin color, nationality, and gender. Related requirements are specified in the Human Resources Management Regulations. Encourage supervisors to hire different kinds of people, and plan interview training courses to teach supervisors not to ask about personal information unrelated to work, and any discrimination considerations from candidates. Externally, we also create diversified smooth communication channels so that stakeholders in respective fields may effectively communicate their ideas and opinions.

AP Memory promises that it will provide a safe workplace where employees are respected and integral and sustainable management is ensured. In order to realize a compliant and friendly workplace and follow the regulations of the International Labor Organization, AP Memory strictly prohibits hiring of child workers not meeting the minimum employment age required by law. In order to ensure absence of negligence, hiring of employees requires presentation of the National ID to the Company for verification purpose. Recruitment and employment have to be legal as required by the competent authority and laws and regulations.

Implementation of Human Rights Indicators