AP Memory Partners with M3 Technology for Future 3D Packaging of Power Management Solutions


HSINCHU, Taiwan – November 13, 2023 – AP Memory (6531 TW) announced the acquisition of 4 million shares of M3 Technology Inc. (6799 TW) for 500 million NTD. Through this investment, in addition to financial considerations, AP Memory aims to extend its 3D stacking advanced packaging experience and technology into the field of power management applications.


AP Memory is a global leader in IoT memory solutions, offering not only the IoTRAMTM product line but also pioneering as the world’s first provider of innovative VHMTM (Very High-bandwidth Memory) solutions featuring 3D heterogeneous WoW stacking. These products and technologies have been successfully demonstrated in cryptocurrency mining application and well recognized. Several SoC design companies, impressed by the advantage of AP Memory’s technologies, are taking POC (Proof of Concept) projects to validate the desired performance of AI chips.


AP Memory indicates that power management has extensive application areas, and through AP Memory’s technological capabilities, better solutions can be achieved. The company is currently promoting IPD (Integrated Passive Devices), the capacitors developed with silicon material (SiCap). With the characteristics of silicon, the product can be integrated in 2.5D packaging seamlessly, and the main chip can attain improved power and signal integrity to enhance overall performance.


Moreover, to meet the voltage regulation demands under low voltage and high power for High-Performance Computing (HPC), AP Memory is further venturing into the field of power management. The company aims to develop an integrated power delivery architecture with high power efficiency and power density.


M3 Technology is dedicated to the design and sales of advanced power management IC, offering a range of products including buck and boost converter, linear regulator, load switch, and charger ICs. M3 Technology’s expertise in power management and platform resources, along with AP Memory’s 3D stacking technology and experience in advanced packaging, will contribute to power management solutions for demands of high-performance with high power.


AP Memory stated that the collaboration with M3 Technology in developing HPC power management solutions is a long-term plan, and there is no specific schedule now. By acquiring a 9.56% share of M3 Technology, AP Memory seeks to drive close cooperation between the two companies in 3D packaging power management applications. The expectation is to facilitate resource sharing and technological integration, fostering a strong partnership for the innovative development of customized, high-performance, and high-quality optimal solutions.