Sustainable Development of Talents

AP Memory is committed to the sustainable development of talents. Adhering to the long-term spirit, talents are the most important asset to support the company’s continuous growth, and also the core key to the sustainable operation of the company.


To strengthen the competitiveness of Taiwan’s talent, in response to the ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) wave of the future and the importance of global companies on the social responsibility of talent. AP Memory officially announced to join 【TALENT, in Taiwan,Taiwan Talent Sustainability Action Alliance”and carry out specific actions to contribute to the cultivation and development of Taiwanese talents. 


We promise to dedicate our six major actions to drive the reduction of Taiwan’s society and retain the remaining sustainable talents.


【Meaning and Value】

To strengthen the culture and value of “integrity, cohesion, and initiative”, everyone is the important factor in the team, to lead by example, to cooperate with each other, to share glory. And uphold the concept of “take from the society, give back to the society”, actively participate in public welfare and fulfill social responsibilities.



【Diversity and Inclusion】

Diversity and inclusion are the most important components of our Company. About culture, gender, race, religion, age or disability is not our measurement and choice. The most important thing is to find the most suitable talents for AP Memory and to advocate diversity and equality, have friendly interaction, and demonstrate an inclusive organizational culture.



【Organizational Communication】

To provide diversified and smooth channels and platforms for labor-management communication, hold regular labor-management meetings to discuss employee rights and welfare issues, listen to employees’ voices, communicate important issues, encourage two-way communication and feedback, create a good and transparent communication culture, and strive to create positive communication.To establish a positive labor relationship and friendly working environment for company’s sustainable development. 



【Rewards and Incentives】

To provide a reasonable and competitive salary and welfare system. The salary includes monthly salary, quarterly bonus, employee compensation, shareholding trust, etc., supplemented by vacations (Floating leave/company leave/paid sick leave), various insurances, welfare committees Equal welfare system, build a complete salary and reward structure, give back business results to employees, closely integrate employees’ personal work goals with the company’s business goals and shareholders’ rights and interests, create a win-win situation for individuals, the company and shareholders, and achieve sustainable development business goals.



【Physical and Mental Health】

“The health of employees is the greatest wealth of the company!” The happiness and health of our colleagues is our top concern. We continue to promote and provide a variety of health promotion programs and care mechanisms, practice the importance of each employee’s physical and mental health, and create a high-quality working environment.



【Talent Growth】

To develop the e-learning platform to encourage employees to learn independently and continuously develop multiple functions. In the face of rapid industrial changes and continuous learning and growth, employees can have the knowledge, technology, and ability to keep pace with the times, improve workplace competitiveness and sustainable employment ability.




Next, we will continue to promote and advocate with “Common Wealth Learning”, “Cheers”, and 100 companies in Taiwan, hoping that in the near future, through the project of talent cultivation, every worker can feel the power of talent cultivation, enhance their competencies, and create better career development and future.