Corporate Governance

Board of Directors


Wen Chen

Ph.D., Yale University (Applied Physics)
CEO/President, AP Memory Technology Corporation


Chris Liu
(Representative of Shanyi Investment Co.,Ltd)
M.S., National Chiao Tung University (Applied Chemistry)
Vice President, AP Memory Technology Corporation
Milton Hsieh
(Representative of Lishun Investment Co.,Ltd)
MBA, National Taiwan University
Vice President, Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
Director, Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation
Independent director, iChat Technology, Inc.

Independent Director

Robbins, Yeh

M.S., National Ventral University (Electrical Engineering)
Tze-Chiang (T.C.) Chen

Ph.D., Yale University (Electrical Engineering)
IBM Fellow, VP, in IBM Research Division.
Independent Director, eMemory Technology Inc.


Audit Committee

Our audit committee consists of all independent directors, Robbins Yeh, and Tze-Chiang Chen, assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight of the quality and integrity of the accounting, auditing, reporting, and financial control practices of the Company.

The Audit Committee is responsible to review the following major matters:

  • Internal control systems and including related policies and procedures
  • Financial reports
  • Related-party transactions and potential conflicts of interests involving executive officers and directors
  • Material asset or derivatives transactions
  • Material lending funds, endorsements or guarantees
  • Offering or issuance of any equity-type securities
  • Hiring or dismissal of an attesting CPA, or the compensation given thereto
  • Appointment or discharge of financial, accounting, or internal auditing officers


Remuneration Committee

The members of the Compensation Committee are appointed by the Board as required by R.O.C. law. According to APM’s Remuneration Committee Charter, the Committee members, Robbins Yeh, and Jing Yao Lan.
The Remuneration Committee assists the Board in discharging its responsibilities related to compensation and benefits policies, plans and programs, and in the evaluation and compensation of directors of the Board and executives.

Major Internal Policies

Article of IncorporationDownload
Rules and Procedures of Shareholders MeetingDownload
Rules and Procedures of Board of Director MeetingsDownload
Rules for Election of DirectorsDownload
Self-Evaluation of the Board of DirectorsDownload
Audit Committee CharterDownload
Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of AssetsDownload
Procedures for Lending Funds to Other PartiesDownload
Procedures for Endorsement & GuaranteeDownload
Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for ConductDownload
Codes of Ethical Conduct
Insider Trading RulesDownload
Corporate Governance Best Practice PrinciplesDownload